Flue Systems - Woodstove Fireplaces

Rainbow Fluesystems

Suzhou Rainbow Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Co (Ltd) is located in China – Suzhou National & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone.

Rainbow chimney flue’s carry ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Certification as well as CE Certification. Currently The Woodstove Tracing Co imports 125,150 and 175mm diameter flues in single and double wall clip lock systems as well as bends, cowls, brackets, adaptors, flue dampers and locking bands.

Exporting to the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, England, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and Russia Rainbow flue’s have built up an excellent reputation for high quality chimney flue systems.

Now imported into South Africa by The Woodstove Trading Co Pty (Ltd) / TA Fireplace & Stove Centre.

Rainbow Flue Twist Lock Systems:

  • Inner and outer wall are separated by 25mm thickness and 128 kg/m3 density ceramic fiber.
  • The basis of the insulation is a light & flexible blanket, made of spinner ceramic fibers.
  • The strength of the product is due to its extra large fibers. This is a high density insulation resisting up to 1200oC. This material is considered as NONCOMBUSTIBLE according to IMCO Rule.
  • It is considered to be completely inorganic, with high resistance insulation, low contraction, also low capacity for heat keeping and total resistance to thermal changes.
  • This is not affected by chemical products, except for hydrofluoric & phosphoric acids and alkaline concentrate products.
  • It is especially designed for reaching high thermal resistance, fast temperature settling in inner pipe and low temperature in outer pipe & accessories, which main characteristics are:
    • High tension resistance
    • It does not shrink
    • Heat resistance
    • High elasticity
    • Low thermal conductivity
    • Resistance to thermal changes
    • Optimal noise absorption
    • High heat reflectance

Duravent Flue Systems

Imported from America, DuraFlex Pro is the ultimate in flexible steel liners for strenght and flexibility. It features 20% more stainless steel per meter compared to other liners on the market. Its extreme flexibility facilitates problem free installations where multiple offsets are needed.

The Woodstove Trading Co currently imports 150 and 180mm diameter that come in 15 meter lengths and can be cut to desired per meter lengths. DuraFlex Pro is manufactured utilizing highly corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel. Listed to UL 1777 and ULC S635.


  • DuraFlex Pro ultra flexible relining for masonry chimney.
  • Use with Wood burning stoves.
  • Applications include: fireplace inserts, furnaces, boilers and water heaters